100-year-old biker Wyman of Betz still in the saddle

100-year-old biker Wyman of Betz still in the saddle

The cycle of life is unpredictable for each person. For many years there are different events. There is nothing ruthless time, which is often robs people of what they love. At the age of a helmet hung on a nail., sell a motorcycle or Park it in the garage. Such is a reality. However, there are real fans-motorcyclists. Grandpa in the photo still goes and is not going to stop, although he was already a hundred years old.

Wyman of Betz (Betts Wymann) is fond of motorcycles more than half a century. It started with scooters to get to work. Over the years his love of motorcycles became unlimited. In July of this year, Betz will lead a bike parade in Bordertown Biker Bash 2020 in Amherst, Canada.

Wyman of Betz about his secret: “don’t need to think too far ahead.”

At the moment, Wyman rides a motorcycle, Honda Gold Wing 2003. How is he able to cope with a large travel bike weighing more than 350 kg, remains a mystery.

In an interview, Betz said that mentally never grew up, and it helped him to overcome many problems. He neopalyma thirst for adrenaline. To 80 years of Viman owned a Cessna 172.

A standard set of rules helps Vimana to stay in the saddle for so long. Never drink, smoke, trying not to worry, enjoys life and radiates a positive.

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