Assen, Yamaha on the Altars With Vinales and Quartararo. Marquez is Satisfied

Assen, Yamaha on the Altars With Vinales and Quartararo. Marquez is Satisfied

So, in one of the most negative weekends for Rossi – 14th in qualifying and on the ground in the race on lap five – Yamaha returns to the altars thanks to the shining refreshed Vinales, able to repeat the triumph of Phillip Island 2018, authoritatively placing behind Marquez and Quartararo in turn followed by 14 seconds and passes by Dovizioso, Morbidelli, Petrucci. Already in qualifying, the Yamaha satellite of the rookie Quartararo in pole-record and the Yamaha House of Vinales second at 140 thousandths, had shown their potential. But the usual refrain came back: one account is the dry lap, one account is the race.

Well the response of Assen shows that the bike of the House of the three tuning forks, given by most for passed off especially for the hammering criticism of Rossi, is there and is competitive. On the contrary, on a fast “technical” and “bareback” mix such as the Dutch circuit, he was able to get behind everyone, including the pair Marquez-Honda, until now almost unbeatable. In short, with the victory of Vinales, the third place of Quartararo and the fifth place of Morbidelli, at Iwata with three bikes in the first five, they find again, besides the smile, the motivations to continue the development of the M1 with a renewed push, without technical changes. If anything – and it’s no small feat – we have to evaluate the reason and the reason of the not so exciting performances of Valentino, really undertone, yesterday out of Q1, today in the scree at high speed and therefore under the boulder of his third consecutive “zero”. If in a week’s time at the Sachsenring the replay of Assen should appear again, it is not to be excluded the opening of a new game, with the “Rossi question” at the centre.

But let’s go back to Assen and the consequences in world projection. Before the Dutch GP Marquez’s lead over the second Dovizioso was 37 points. After the Dutch GP this advantage rises to 44 points, with Petrucci overtaking Rins (stopped at 101 points), climbing to third place, but with a gap from Marquez that goes from 42 points before Assen to 52 points today. Translated: enjoys Vinales for a victory that is worth gold for himself, for the Team, for the House; enjoys Marquez who tries the assault but, it happens the antiphon, is satisfied with his place of honor by stretching again in the standings on his most direct opponents; enjoys Quartararo for the glittering pole and the new substantial podium; they do not enjoy the Reds even with its two drivers second and third in the standings but to give them holy reason in a race in an incomprehensible fuss between two companions of a House that aims at the World Championship; Morbidelli, with his M1 wedged between the two official Reds thanks also to the blows under the belt between Dovi and Petrux; black Rins, on the ground on the third lap when he was a hare anticipating even the escape; topped up Rossi dusty, nailed to fifth place with 72 points, less than half of the leader Marquez, in fact a farewell to the dream of the world title number 10. Here we are. Toc-toc: next week, the Sachsenring. The challenge continues.

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