Author: John Reid

Four wheel motorcycle Lazareth LM 410

Louis hospital and his eponymous company Lazareth doing extraordinary machine. We considered many of them. Not long ago, Louis has completed a project Lazareth LM 410 four — wheeled motorcycle. In the production of Lazareth LM 410 will launch very soon. The price is set at 107 965 dollars per unit. The French company plans […]

The Norton factory closed, the owner missed the hearing

Production of motorcycles Norton Motorcycles stopped. The company technically works will not start until the official bankruptcy procedure. The factory closed, in front of the main office in castle Donington installed concrete blocks. Everything that happens is the result of the inability of the company to repay its debts. Over the past few years the […]

The model is Medicom RAH Kikaider & Side Machine Ultimate Set

Company Medicom has released a new set of RAH Kikaider & Side Machine Set in Ultimate. New set dedicated to Kamen Rider and Kikaider in General. Kamen Rider is a Japanese superhero series (there were also TV shows, movies, manga) created by Shotaro Itinerary. The series tells the story of a superhero on a motorcycle […]

100-year-old biker Wyman of Betz still in the saddle

The cycle of life is unpredictable for each person. For many years there are different events. There is nothing ruthless time, which is often robs people of what they love. At the age of a helmet hung on a nail., sell a motorcycle or Park it in the garage. Such is a reality. However, there […]

Legendary motortechnik Giancarlo Morbidelli died at the age of 85 years

Motomaster, monocontractor, motogenic and a very talented man Giancarlo Morbidelli died age 85 in a hospital in Fano, Italy. He succumbed to a long illness and left behind a great legacy. Franco is most famous for the development of the motorcycle Grand Prix. His techniques were many Italian legends including Paolo Pileri, pier Paolo Bianchi […]

The company Polaris is consolidating Indian manufacturing plant Spearfish close

Company Polaris, which owns Indian Motorcycles, has announced the closure of one of its plants to consolidate production and improve efficiency of production processes. Plant Spearfish will close in mid-February 2020. Plant Spearfish specializiruetsya on the painting of components is Indian and works from 2016. The company employs approximately 33 employees, of which now spanned […]

Motovilovka EICMA 2020 canceled

Just over 10 days ago it became known about the abolition of 2020 Motorshow Intermot in Cologne. The organizers announced that the event 2020 will not be carried out, and now begins the preparation for the show in 2022. While Intermot is the second largest and most important exhibition in the world, all the attention […]

Company Norton Motorcycles virtually bankrupt

Bad news for the iconic British brand of motorcycles, which once rattled to the whole world. Company Norton Motorcycles has started the procedure of bankruptcy. News are the consequences of the great financial problems of Norton Motorcycles for some time, despite attempts by CEO Stuart garner to show that all is well. According to reports, […]

In 2019 molekularnych sales of motorcycles in Japan has reached a record low

In Japan, motorcycle sales continue to plummet. The numbers can change, but the overall picture remains unchanged. In 2019 the Japanese motoring noted another record low sales. A total of 331 were sold 307 units of motorcycles of all classes and categories. There are several factors that must be considered. If you look at the […]

With guy Martin was cleared of all charges of fraud on rights, he was recognized as autistic

Prosecutors have dropped all charges against the motorcycle racer and TV presenter guy Martin, who was convicted in a fraudulent driver’s license. The famous daredevil had to appear before the court on 6 January 2020. Martin was accused of using a fake Irish driver’s license to change its license in the UK to drive the […]

Indian matagigantes noted decline in sales in the domestic market

Over the past few years, motorcycle sales in India has grown significantly. India became the largest mataranka in the world and around China. Most manufacturers began to develop equipment specifically for the needs of India to open new factories. Despite the increase in the variety of assortment on the market, sales of motorcycles 2019 declined. […]

Sales of motorcycles in USA in 2019

Official data have not yet been published, but the General picture is clear for the first 11 months of last year. American motoring continues to stand still. The majority of motoblanco registered a decline in sales in the American market, while overall sales grew by only 0.1%. In comparison with 2018 sales of road motorcycles […]

The company Confederate Motorcycles has done rebranding in Combat Motors

The company Confederate Motorcycles, which produces expensive and exclusive motorcycles has changed name. American manufacturer, this time, did a rebranding in the Combat Motors. The company issued a press release to explain the reasons for the decision, although they should be obvious to all in light of recent events in the United States. In a […]

Motorcycle Bullit V-Bob 250

New motorcycle Bullit V-250 Bob looks like a muscle bike, but nothing to do with this category has. European brand recently announced a new product, which has the configuration of the cruiser. Belgian firm Bullit specializiruetsya on molekularnych motorcycles of Chinese origin (125 cm3 or less). Usually the motorcycles are equipped with Bullit motors, air-cooled, […]

Artist and futurist Syd Mead died at the age of 86 years

The famous futurist painter, to create a TRON Light Cycle, died 30 December 2019. He was 86 years old. Syd Mead began his career working as a designer at Ford, Volvo and other companies. However, it was preclival work in Hollywood. He didn’t just create designs of futuristic vehicles, and engineered entire worlds for sci-Fi […]

The company Jawa the beginning of 2020 with orders for Jawa Perak

Brand Jawa literally tore the Indian motoring. Indian manufacturer Mahindra has bought the Czech brand motorcycles to restart it in India. Since the release of the first model Jawa in India manufacturer faced a serious problem: a significant lack of production capacity to meet the needs of all customers. Bobber Perak showed in the fall […]

3 safe methods to clean the screen of your helmet

When we go to work or go for a ride with our bike around those dreamlike curves, one of the main discomforts is the mosquitoes and other flying invertebrates. Whether at dusk, at night or on a cloudy day that forces us to ride with our headlights on, the bugs are attracted by the light […]

The Aoshima model motorcycle Kawasaki 750RS Z2 Custom 1/12

The attention to detail in modeling is brought almost to the ideal. Looking through the photos you can marvel at the quality of components and paint, but to fully understand the level — must watch video. Components: the pendulum trim chain rear shock the battery and surrounding parts (ignition coil, damper, mount, saddle, fork) exhaust […]

Benelli Leoncino 800 2020: Italian design, Chinese manufacturing

Benelli Leoncino 800 2020 — a typical representative of modern classics. The new motorcycle comes with a 754-CC two-cylinder engine with two overhead camshafts. The power unit is mounted in a latticed frame. Overall, an interesting option for urban bike. Can Chinese motorcycle to compete with the Japanese and Europeans? Only time will tell. Specification: […]

The Ariel Ace Motorcycle Iron Horse 2020

The Somerset firm has developed the Ariel motorcycle Ariel Ace Iron Horse on the basis of his cruiser in honor of the “Black Ariels”, which was produced in the years 1926-1930. The new model is estimated at 29 686 pounds. On a motorcycle a lot of machined metal components. Aluminum frame, welded by hand (approximately […]