Global sales of motorcycles 2019 decreased by 2.6 percent

Global sales of motorcycles 2019 decreased by 2.6 percent

Global sales of motorcycles 2019 decreased by 2.6 percent

In 2019, the manufacturers have shown different results in terms of sales. While BMW, KTM and Moto Guzzi have improved considerably in the European market, sales of motorcycles in India began to decline, which had a negative impact on the global statistics. For the entire 2019 were sold 60.1 million motorcycles, that is, 1.6 million motorcycles less than 2018. The forecast for 2020 is not very good.

In 2016, China has imposed restrictions on the registration of motorcycles and scooters, which led to a drop in sales of 5.1 million units. Since then, the global motoring convincingly ROS due to the rapid development of motorino in India, Pakistani and the Philippines. In 2018, sales of motorcycles reached its peak and amounted to 61.7 million units.

Last year was a difficult one for the Indian motorini, which experienced a decline of 3.1 million units. In China, sales of two-wheel vehicles increased by 1.3 million units and in Europe — 1.1 million units. It helped a little to offset the decline in India, which amounted to a total of 19 percent. Largest Indian manufacturers have had a difficult year (Hero — a decline of 14%, Bajaj — 12%, Royal Enfield — 16%). Despite the great recession, India remains the largest mataranka in the world. In this country, has sold 18.5 million motorcycles. China takes the second place (16.3 million units). In third place is Indonesia — 6.5 million units. Further, Vietnam is 3.2 million, Philippines — 1.8 million.

Statistics by type of transport:

  • scooters 50> cm3: 25.8 million units
  • motorcycles: 24.8 million units
  • trike: 4.7 million units
  • mopeds: 4.6 million units
  • ATVs: 600,000 units

In 2019 the global motoring decreased by 2.6 percent. This year, considering all the events, including the coronavirus, you can expect an even larger decline.

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