Jawa vozvrashatsa in Europe

Jawa vozvrashatsa in Europe

Jawa vozvrashatsa in Europe

The restoration of motobrend Java in November 2018, it turned out effective. The company released several new models for the Indian market. The demand was many times more production capacity. It took time to establish a dealer network, production and delivery.

The company Jawa seem to have decided to finally problems with the supply in the Indian market and satisfies all the demand, so the owners of Jawa decided to return the brand to motoring the Old world.

According to the latest news from the Indian company Mahindra, which owns Java, has received homologation for the model of Jawa 300, which will appear in the European dilerstva somewhere in 2020. In India, Mahindra was able to open about a hundred dierctv Jawa for several months, but in Europe, such a rate is impossible. To start planning to open a representative office in the Czech Republic.

In the Indian press writes that Jawa 300 will be delivered as is, without any adaptations for Europe. Probably, some components still have to change to a bike meet Euro5. Currently Indian motorcycle meet certification BS6.

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