MotoGP and SBK, the “Hard Core” of TV Listening

MotoGP and SBK, the “Hard Core” of TV Listening

The old adage “Chi si contenta gode” also applies to the television ratings of the last two rounds of MotoGP at Sachsenring and WSBK at Donington. There are even those who consider the almost 2 million clear of the derivatives in the English round a “bang” because they are superior (by a whisker) to the ratings of MotoGP. Isn’t it the race for the one who shoots the biggest one not seeing the real fact that shows that motorcycling on TV has lost and loses mountains of viewers? Let’s recapitulate: Sbk Donington Race1 on TV8 416,000 viewers (3.6%) share; Superpole Race Sunday morning 494,000 viewers (5.8% share); Race2 Sunday 796,000 viewers (5.9% share). Total: 1,906,000. What about MotoGP? On TV8 deferred, Sunday 793,000 viewers, 3,000 less than the Sbk (live). On Sky live, 928,000, against 200,000 little more for the SBK in Donington. That’s it. What is there to celebrate?

Let’s leave aside the eight million of the MotoGP of the golden age when there was perhaps more appeal and for sure the audiovisual offer was not so articulated. The fact is that from the eight million of the good weather that was to the 4,018,000 of viewers in total (between Sky and TV8) of Mugello on Sunday, June 2, 2019 there is a good jump, losing on the way the… half. And from the 4 million of Mugello to the 1,721,000 total viewers (Sky and Tv8) of Sachsenring, more than half of them have been lost, demonstrating that the “hard core” of fans in Italy is, more or less, below 2 million. Not only that. The total figure of the GP of Italy is also lower than the previous one in Jerez on May 5 last, seasonal record with 4,261,000 people ahead of the TV. In detail: live coverage on Sky Sport MotoGP did not exceed one million spectators (927,503) with a share anything but exciting, 6.06%. More than double the number of fans ahead of the free-to-air TV on TV8 (2,144,048) with a share of 14%. So, the total number of viewers for MotoGP was 3,071,551.

To understand the air you’re pulling, just go a little further back, for example to 2018. At the GP d’Italia del Mugello 2018 the live broadcasts were followed in total between Sky and TV8 by over 4 million viewers (4,081,000), practically like this year. The GP of Misano 2018 had a total of 1,125,000 on Sky Sport (7.6% share) while the live MotoGP of TV8 collected 2,631,000 (18.3% share): in total between Sky and TV8 there were almost 4 million viewers (3,756,000). Let’s be clear, however, there are respectable figures that show that motorcycling is there and enjoys a popular following. There is, in short, a “hard core” that resists in front of the TV. But the boom data with motorcycling almost at the top of the ratings of the great sport are just a memory. Why?

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