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Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, Royal Enfield and others stopped production in India

The coronavirus has affected many areas of industry. Many of the manufacturers of Europe have already closed on quarantine, and now their example was followed by the main motorostoitel in India, including Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, Royal Enfield. Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India announced the closure until at least 31 Mar. Suzuki Motorcycle India stopped production […]

The 650-horsepower Suzuki Hayabusa put up for sale

Suzuki Hayabusa has long been considered one of the fastest production motorcycles. It has been modified and set speed records. The photos are severely altered copy which set a world speed record. It was created by Mick Ellis from BDR Performance. And now the bike is for sale with a modest price tag. In 2014, […]

Unusual lamp Pierre Koutsoyannis

Koutsoyannis Pierre (Pierre Kucoyanis) in his workshop in the vallée de Chevreuse, near Paris. It produces real masterpieces of art. All of his lamps are fully functional and each has a unique shape. The work of Pierre inspired design and fiction of the 1950-ies. He designs their lamps using real components from all the old […]

Morlaco – 3D-printed motorcycle engine Honda Fireblade

A high-tech company Bottpower presented 3D-printed motorcycle engine Honda Fireblade. The company Bottpower is located in Valencia, Spain. She focuses on sports and high-performance motorcycles. The staff is small. The firm mainly creates from scratch or prepare a ready-made motorcycle for the track. Engineers Bottpower are not shy to use modern technology. New motorcycle called […]

New Bajaj motorcycle Dominar 250 BS6 will present very soon (video)

The manufacturer has published a teaser to remind you about the upcoming premiere of the new motorcycle Bajaj Dominar 250 BS6. 13-second video there is little that tells or shows — just will soon introduce. We know that Bajaj Dominar 250 BS6 will be equipped with motor KTM Duke 250. 248.8 CC single-cylinder engine, most […]

The Grand Prix of the Americas 2020 postponed to November, the final round of the SuperEnduro Championships in Lodz cancelled

Sports events canceled one after the other. Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to affect the world champion MotoGP. Organizers announced the postponement of the start of the championship due to restrictions of movement and security concerns. News jointly published Dorna, IRTA and the FIM. There is nothing surprising, considering the complete closure of Italy in quarantine, and […]

Zontes 800 will compete with the MT-09 in 2022

Few people could hear about the company Zontes. Motorostoitel is located in China and presented a rendering of the future 800-CC naked, which is scheduled to release in 2022. The motorcycle has a design naked and is equipped with a three-cylinder engine. The picture looks very good. The company now supplies interesting Zontes motorcycles in […]

Quarantine in Northern Italy will affect production of motorcycles?!

Governments worldwide are taking serious steps to isolate and prevent the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). The tightening of border controls, the ban on travel, cancellation of sports events and other mass events, and other measures. Italy was the epicentre of the violence of the virus in Europe and ranks third in the world in the […]

Motorcycle Bullit Bluroc 250 V2

Bullit Bluroc 250 V2 is a unique offer on the market molekularnych motorcycles that are always in demand. In our days the choice is very rich: KTM Duke / RC, Kawasaki Ninja 250, Honda CBR300R, Yamaha YZF-R3 and many others. The majority of molokopodobnye bikes are equipped with single-cylinder engines, in rare cases twin-cylinder. Belgian […]

CFMoto 300SR is a worthy competitor to the Yamaha R3?!

In our time are the values of the original roots of the manufacturer, its belonging to a certain country? Globalization has led to the fact that production may not be there, where was the brand. Many large companies are producing motorbikes in Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, China, India and so on. Is it possible to maintain […]

Global sales of motorcycles 2019 decreased by 2.6 percent

In 2019, the manufacturers have shown different results in terms of sales. While BMW, KTM and Moto Guzzi have improved considerably in the European market, sales of motorcycles in India began to decline, which had a negative impact on the global statistics. For the entire 2019 were sold 60.1 million motorcycles, that is, 1.6 million […]

Trial bike Vertical Vertigo R2 2020

Small motorostoitel Vertigo successfully compete in the market trial motorcycles. He is opposed to Montesa (Honda) and Gas Gas (KTM), as well as Beta and Sherco, which additionally produce Enduro model, and have significantly greater resources. At the moment Vertigo do a good job in a narrow area. New trialbike Vertigo Vertical R2 2020 was […]

Germany has increased penalties for motorcyclists (and not only).

In the new Bußgeldkatalog meant new penalties for 2020. Now travel in stow between the rows is 100 euros and 1 point in Flensburg, travel on the side of the strip 75 Euro and 1 pointriding on the lane for emergency (Rettungsgasse)- 200-320 euros, 1 month rip rights and 2 points. Check in and check […]

In Baden-württemberg propose to radically deal with noisy motorcycles

In the state of Baden-württemberg has proposed to introduce huge fines for loud motorcycles and modified exhaust system up to the ban of motorcycles. All motorcyclists were heard, and some even have a rule that loud exhaust saves lives. However, there are many people who like loud exhaust brings discomfort. And when the frustration level […]

CFMoto will release its counterpart KTM Adventure?!

In the network appeared spy photos travel Enduro CFMoto, which in China rumored for months. And we are not talking about a cheap clone, but a serious motorcycle. It can be traced to the KTM motor, also placed on 790 790 Adventure and Duke. Nothing surprising in this news there. In November 2019 CFMoto has […]

Four wheel motorcycle Lazareth LM 410

Louis hospital and his eponymous company Lazareth doing extraordinary machine. We considered many of them. Not long ago, Louis has completed a project Lazareth LM 410 four — wheeled motorcycle. In the production of Lazareth LM 410 will launch very soon. The price is set at 107 965 dollars per unit. The French company plans […]

The Norton factory closed, the owner missed the hearing

Production of motorcycles Norton Motorcycles stopped. The company technically works will not start until the official bankruptcy procedure. The factory closed, in front of the main office in castle Donington installed concrete blocks. Everything that happens is the result of the inability of the company to repay its debts. Over the past few years the […]

The model is Medicom RAH Kikaider & Side Machine Ultimate Set

Company Medicom has released a new set of RAH Kikaider & Side Machine Set in Ultimate. New set dedicated to Kamen Rider and Kikaider in General. Kamen Rider is a Japanese superhero series (there were also TV shows, movies, manga) created by Shotaro Itinerary. The series tells the story of a superhero on a motorcycle […]

100-year-old biker Wyman of Betz still in the saddle

The cycle of life is unpredictable for each person. For many years there are different events. There is nothing ruthless time, which is often robs people of what they love. At the age of a helmet hung on a nail., sell a motorcycle or Park it in the garage. Such is a reality. However, there […]

Legendary motortechnik Giancarlo Morbidelli died at the age of 85 years

Motomaster, monocontractor, motogenic and a very talented man Giancarlo Morbidelli died age 85 in a hospital in Fano, Italy. He succumbed to a long illness and left behind a great legacy. Franco is most famous for the development of the motorcycle Grand Prix. His techniques were many Italian legends including Paolo Pileri, pier Paolo Bianchi […]