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The company Polaris is consolidating Indian manufacturing plant Spearfish close

The company Polaris is consolidating Indian manufacturing plant Spearfish close

Company Polaris, which owns Indian Motorcycles, has announced the closure of one of its plants to consolidate production and improve efficiency of production processes. Plant Spearfish will close in mid-February 2020.

Plant Spearfish specializiruetsya on the painting of components is Indian and works from 2016. The company employs approximately 33 employees, of which now spanned to another production facility. The company offered assistance in the move to all employees, which will affect the closure of the plant. The production transferred to the Polaris factory in Spirit lake.

“In recent years has increased the capabilities of paint at the facility in Spirit lake, therefore, no longer require individual plant in Service”, — said the representative of Polaris Jessica Rogers.

Factory Spirit lake now employ about 550 skilled workers. The merger of the two facilities will consolidate manpower, reduce transportation costs and logistics.

Company Norton Motorcycles virtually bankrupt

Company Norton Motorcycles virtually bankrupt

Bad news for the iconic British brand of motorcycles, which once rattled to the whole world. Company Norton Motorcycles has started the procedure of bankruptcy.

News are the consequences of the great financial problems of Norton Motorcycles for some time, despite attempts by CEO Stuart garner to show that all is well.

According to reports, Norton Motorcycles was due to the British government £ 600,000, but could reduce the amount by half after the hearing. However, garner protested and said that another 135 000 should be written off, because his company had tax benefits, as did the development work.

In any case, Norton is closed until the British government decides its fate, considering primarily the interests of creditors and the tax authorities.

Some news write that Norton owed a fee to John McGuinness, who spoke at Norton V4 on last year’s Tourist Trophy.

In 2019 molekularnych sales of motorcycles in Japan has reached a record low

In 2019 molekularnych sales of motorcycles in Japan has reached a record low

In Japan, motorcycle sales continue to plummet. The numbers can change, but the overall picture remains unchanged. In 2019 the Japanese motoring noted another record low sales. A total of 331 were sold 307 units of motorcycles of all classes and categories.

There are several factors that must be considered. If you look at the numbers over the past five years, the significantly decreased sales molekularnych motorcycles. In 2015 it sold 193 842 units of motorcycles <50 cm3. In 2019, sales of motorcycles in this category was 132 086 units, there are approximately 60 000 units less.

At the same time, sales of motorcycles exceeding 50 cm3 fluctuated at the same level plus or minus 20,000. In General, they even increased. In 2015 it sold 178 854 motorcycles, and in 2019 199 121 motorcycles with a cubic capacity exceeding 50 cm3.

In fact, the situation is not as bad as Japan continues to implement increasingly stringent environmental regulations. In may 2019, the head of Suzuki Osamu Suzuki made a loud statement. He said that in the future the motorcycle up to 100 cm3 will disappear, and the category 125-150 cm3 will be the most molekularnej.

Japan is rapidly developing Bicycle sharing, electric scooter that also displace moleculator motorcycles from the market.

With guy Martin was cleared of all charges of fraud on rights, he was recognized as autistic

With guy Martin was cleared of all charges of fraud on rights, he was recognized as autistic

Prosecutors have dropped all charges against the motorcycle racer and TV presenter guy Martin, who was convicted in a fraudulent driver’s license. The famous daredevil had to appear before the court on 6 January 2020.

Martin was accused of using a fake Irish driver’s license to change its license in the UK to drive the large trucks. Despite the worldwide fame and popularity, guy continues to work as a truck mechanic, because he loves this business. The guy denies everything he’s accused. According to his version, he passed the test while working in Northern Ireland, therefore, has the full right to require changes in the categories of rights in the UK…

Why the Prosecutor’s office stopped the proceedings? Martin was diagnosed with autism. Despite the high efficiency, this diagnosis explains a lot, including the guy passion for motorcycling and risky tricks. Psychiatrists told the court that Martin is not always in his right mind, so sometimes says or does something strange, and understands the speech of other people literally does not perceive the implication. The Prosecutor’s office accepted this explanation and believes that the guy is not responsible for the offence, which, incidentally, is purely administrative.

In this case, autism is not for guy Martin verdict. Just that his brain works differently than most people.

Indian matagigantes noted decline in sales in the domestic market

Indian matagigantes noted decline in sales in the domestic market

Over the past few years, motorcycle sales in India has grown significantly. India became the largest mataranka in the world and around China. Most manufacturers began to develop equipment specifically for the needs of India to open new factories. Despite the increase in the variety of assortment on the market, sales of motorcycles 2019 declined.

The three largest motorcycle manufacturer in India has announced a decline in sales in December 2019 compared with December 2018. Thirteenth consecutive month of decline. Giants such as Bajaj, Hero and TVS slowed down in 2019, while sales of TVS in December 2019 fell to 25%. Sale Royal Enfield in December 2019 was 48 489 motorcycles, much less 56 026 units in December 2018. In such a difficult situation won the Suzuki company India, which in December 2019 sold is 1.1% greater.

While sales are down in the domestic market, major producers in India are developing in the international market. Hero and Royal Enfield plunged into exports and Bajaj and TVS all have shown a 20% growth in sales outside of India.

There are several reasons for the decline in sales in 2019. First, the increased cost of insurance. Second, the introduction of the standard harmful exhaust BS-IV in April 2020.

In General, all producers remain positive and continue to invest huge money in the Indian motorhomesdirect.

Sales of motorcycles in USA in 2019

Sales of motorcycles in USA in 2019

Official data have not yet been published, but the General picture is clear for the first 11 months of last year. American motoring continues to stand still. The majority of motoblanco registered a decline in sales in the American market, while overall sales grew by only 0.1%.

In comparison with 2018 sales of road motorcycles fell by 4%, and they sold the most; the sale of dual-sports increased by 2.7%, off — road motorcycles 14%. It is important to note that of the total off-road motorcycles account for only 20%, and dual-sports — 10%.

In December, sales are usually low, so it is unlikely that this month had any impact on the overall statistics.

In the world motorhomesdirect growing. Sales are growing in Asia and Europe showed excellent figures at the end of 2019 — double-digit percentage growth.

Comparative table of sales in the U.S. in 2011 and 2019:

— dual-sport: 26,483 — 46,117 (+74%)
— off-road motorcycles: 70,046 — 100,186 (+43%)
— road motorcycles: 312,520 — 300,814 (-3.7%)
— scooters: 31,850 — 20,659 (-35%)
— total: 440,899 — 428,797 (-2.7%)

Artist and futurist Syd Mead died at the age of 86 years

Artist and futurist Syd Mead died at the age of 86 years

The famous futurist painter, to create a TRON Light Cycle, died 30 December 2019. He was 86 years old.

Syd Mead began his career working as a designer at Ford, Volvo and other companies. However, it was preclival work in Hollywood. He didn’t just create designs of futuristic vehicles, and engineered entire worlds for sci-Fi movies. TRON Light Cycle from “TRON: Legacy” is one of the most famous projects of SIDA. The most important talent was the ability to transfer their thoughts in the projects that are seen and understood by other people.

Some works of Syd Mead:

Artist and futurist Syd Mead died at the age of 86 years

The company Jawa the beginning of 2020 with orders for Jawa Perak

Brand Jawa literally tore the Indian motoring. Indian manufacturer Mahindra has bought the Czech brand motorcycles to restart it in India. Since the release of the first model Jawa in India manufacturer faced a serious problem: a significant lack of production capacity to meet the needs of all customers. Bobber Perak showed in the fall of 2018, but only now the manufacturer begins to take pre-orders, promising delivery until April 2020.

At the beginning of 2019 motobrend Jawa has become very popular, and it soon became clear that the company cannot produce enough motorcycles to meet the needs of the Indian market. The manufacturer hardly coped with the pre-order models of Jawa and Jawa 42. Ultimately, the company has faced criticism not only for supply but also of quality. Learn the lesson on their experience, the firm is planning a limited number of production bobber Jawa Perak.

Indian giant Mahindra, bought brand Jawa in 2016, aims to compete with the Royal Enfield. In this case, Jawa Perak with 334-CC motor BS6 must compete with Royal Enfield Classic 350.

3 safe methods to clean the screen of your helmet

When we go to work or go for a ride with our bike around those dreamlike curves, one of the main discomforts is the mosquitoes and other flying invertebrates. Whether at dusk, at night or on a cloudy day that forces us to ride with our headlights on, the bugs are attracted by the light and drum set carpet, they cross our path and can do little but hit the bike.

The problem is not so much that the bike gets dirty, but that they also tend to hit the screen of the helmet and that can be a safety problem. If we ride for too long, we will lose visibility and if we don’t maintain the screen properly it will deteriorate faster. It is important to clarify that any product and any way of cleaning it is not valid.

Some bikers take advantage of the stops to clean the screen with water and a bar napkin, a tissue, hand paper, toilet paper… in short: paper. What many may not know is that a considerable mineral load is used for its preparation. The consequence of passing, rubbing or dragging some of these commonly used materials through the helmet screen is the appearance of micro-scratches that are not normally very noticeable to the naked eye.

However, scratches on the surface of the helmet screen go far beyond a simple aesthetic issue. In fact, they can cause a serious safety problem when riding. Particularly at night, the lights from oncoming vehicles will eventually reflect and bounce off the micro-scratches, increasing the feeling of dazzle for the rider who may become nervous and lose control.

Method 1. Handmade cleaning with neutral soap

Ideally, use specific cleaning products that are formulated for such a delicate surface with a helmet screen. However, there are homemade solutions that can help you get through a difficult situation without burdening your screen.

For us, the most effective is to soap your hands with a neutral soap and gently rub the screen in horizontal movements. For your peace of mind, most of the soaps you’ll find in the bathrooms of gas stations, bars and restaurants are neutral. However, we recommend that you never pour it directly on your screen to avoid further damage.

The next – and perhaps most important – step is to avoid scratching the remains of adhering insects. If they are very sticky, repeat the operation – wet your hands with warm water, put on soap, rub them as you were washing them and apply to the screen – always in a soft and delicate way. Don’t be in a hurry or despair because you’ll only damage the surface.

Rinsed out
Once all the dirt has been removed, you can rinse the screen with plenty of tap water, but without pressure. For those who are not familiar with this operation, make sure that the screen and air intakes of the helmet are properly closed so that they do not end up bathing the inside of the helmet as well.

It’s not like it’s going to get damaged, but you’ll get wet when you put it on and it’s usually not pleasant. The best solution for that is to learn how to remove the screen from your helmet. Most of the current models have that possibility that makes it much easier to manoeuvre.

It’s not the same to clean the screen alone as it is to have to handle the whole helmet to leave a part of it clean, especially if you’re outside in a bathroom where people are constantly coming and going.

When drying the screen, you can choose to use the air hand dryer from the same sink or a cotton cloth or handkerchief. Again, the softness will be much better. It is wise not to place the screen close to the air jet or to be vigorous if you choose the cloth. Remember again that a screen is very much like a pair of glasses, resistant to a thousand battles if we take good care of them.

If all this seems too much trouble to you, there are other ways. In any case, don’t forget that household chemicals should never be an option as they will degrade the plastic and hopelessly damage the screen.

Method 2. Special cleaning wipe kits

There are kits that consist of wipes impregnated with a solution that numbs and descales the dirt on the screen without damaging it.

For example, the brand LIQI-Moly offers at a good price – between 5 and 6 euros per box of twelve – individual sachets with two wipes. A wet one to be used first removes dirt and insects. A dry one cleans in a way that avoids stretch marks and glare. Depending on the level of dirt, you can repeat the process. It is suitable for Pinlock visors, does not contain alcohol and is biodegradable.

One of its main advantages is that you can carry it comfortably in your jacket pocket, trunk or under your seat so you can take advantage of any stop on the road and clean your screen quickly and comfortably.

Method 3. Specific sprays and sprays for helmets and screens

Another format you can find in the professional cleaning market is the sprays. Motul has a whole range that, due to its size, is perhaps more practical for the maintenance of our helmet at home.

The Aoshima model motorcycle Kawasaki 750RS Z2 Custom 1/12

The attention to detail in modeling is brought almost to the ideal. Looking through the photos you can marvel at the quality of components and paint, but to fully understand the level — must watch video.


  • the pendulum
  • trim chain
  • rear shock
  • the battery and surrounding parts (ignition coil, damper, mount, saddle, fork)
  • exhaust
  • stand
  • pipes
  • tidy
  • the wheel
  • brake
  • and more

Of. website:

The Aoshima model motorcycle Kawasaki 750RS Z2 Custom 1/12The Aoshima model motorcycle Kawasaki 750RS Z2 Custom 1/12The Aoshima model motorcycle Kawasaki 750RS Z2 Custom 1/12The Aoshima model motorcycle Kawasaki 750RS Z2 Custom 1/12The Aoshima model motorcycle Kawasaki 750RS Z2 Custom 1/12The Aoshima model motorcycle Kawasaki 750RS Z2 Custom 1/12The Aoshima model motorcycle Kawasaki 750RS Z2 Custom 1/12The Aoshima model motorcycle Kawasaki 750RS Z2 Custom 1/12The Aoshima model motorcycle Kawasaki 750RS Z2 Custom 1/12The Aoshima model motorcycle Kawasaki 750RS Z2 Custom 1/12The Aoshima model motorcycle Kawasaki 750RS Z2 Custom 1/12The Aoshima model motorcycle Kawasaki 750RS Z2 Custom 1/12The Aoshima model motorcycle Kawasaki 750RS Z2 Custom 1/12

Benelli Leoncino 800 2020: Italian design, Chinese manufacturing

Benelli Leoncino 800 2020: Italian design, Chinese manufacturing

Benelli Leoncino 800 2020 — a typical representative of modern classics. The new motorcycle comes with a 754-CC two-cylinder engine with two overhead camshafts. The power unit is mounted in a latticed frame. Overall, an interesting option for urban bike. Can Chinese motorcycle to compete with the Japanese and Europeans? Only time will tell.


  • engine: in-line, two-cylinder, 754 cm3 (88 x 62mm), compression ratio of 11.5:1, DOHC, 4 valves per cylinder
  • power: 80 HP at 9000 Rev/min.
  • torque: 66.5 lb-ft at 6500 rpm
  • power supply system: EFI
  • gearbox: 6 speed, slipper clutch
  • final drive: chain
  • frame: lattice
  • fork: inverted adjustable Marzocchi 50 mm
  • rear suspension: adjustable monoshock
  • wheels: aluminum
  • wheels: 17-inch
  • rubber: Metzeler Sportec M5 Interact
  • brakes: disc, Brembo
  • tank: 15 liters
  • consumption: 5.9 l / 100 km
  • curb weight: 220 kg

Benelli Leoncino 800 2020: Italian design, Chinese manufacturingBenelli Leoncino 800 2020: Italian design, Chinese manufacturing

The Ariel Ace Motorcycle Iron Horse 2020

The Ariel Ace Motorcycle Iron Horse 2020

The Somerset firm has developed the Ariel motorcycle Ariel Ace Iron Horse on the basis of his cruiser in honor of the “Black Ariels”, which was produced in the years 1926-1930. The new model is estimated at 29 686 pounds.

On a motorcycle a lot of machined metal components. Aluminum frame, welded by hand (approximately 70 man-hours to manufacture from scratch). Fuel tank made of carbon fiber, as well as other parts of the body. The saddle is also made by hand, covered in black leather.

Other details:

  • parallelogram fork with Öhlins TTX
  • 17-inch rear wheel
  • cantilever aluminum tank
  • rear shock Öhlins
  • the Honda VFR1200 V4 engine (173 HP)
  • led optics
  • LCD tidy
  • traction control
The Ariel Ace Motorcycle Iron Horse 2020The Ariel Ace Motorcycle Iron Horse 2020The Ariel Ace Motorcycle Iron Horse 2020The Ariel Ace Motorcycle Iron Horse 2020The Ariel Ace Motorcycle Iron Horse 2020

The company GasGas will produce nakedi and curandero

The company GasGas will produce nakedi and curandero

The presentation, organized by the company Pierer Mobility, investors have shown future brand motorcycle GasGas (Spanish brand now owned by KTM). In the list of expected models included three road, including two 800 CC (naked and curandero) and one 250-CC naked.

KTM, GasGas buying, immediately announced that the Spanish company will expand the model range on the basis of four-stroke engines. It seems the Austrians want to implement with GasGas is the same plan that has been implemented since Husqvarna. The GasGas brand is synonymous with off-road motorcycles like the Husqvarna, who is now successfully producing the road.

Currently it is planned only three road models GasGas. 250-cylinder engine model is similar to KTM Duke 250 (single cylinder dirt bike that’s sold in India). GasGas 250, apparently, will be sold in Europe and North America — smart.

800-boiler models are most likely to be made on the basis of KTM Duke / Adventure.

The company GasGas, of course, continue to produce and develop the off-road motorcycles. 450/350 cm3 — new volume for GasGas. The Spanish plant will continue to produce electric models for adolescents, including supermoto, Enduro and trial bikes.

At the presentation, nothing was said about the timing, but we expect to see some new items in the fall of next year.

The company GasGas will produce nakedi and curandero

Ducati Panigale V4 25th Anniversary 916

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Yamaha Unveils New YZF-R1 and YZF-R1M

Assen, Yamaha on the altars with Vinales and Quartararo. Marquez is satisfied. Reds off the podium. Reds third “zero” Read More