Zontes 800 will compete with the MT-09 in 2022

Zontes 800 will compete with the MT-09 in 2022

Few people could hear about the company Zontes. Motorostoitel is located in China and presented a rendering of the future 800-CC naked, which is scheduled to release in 2022. The motorcycle has a design naked and is equipped with a three-cylinder engine. The picture looks very good.

The company now supplies interesting Zontes motorcycles in the UK. The lineup consists of affordable 125 CC motorcycles and 310 CC models, which are also affordable and well made.

Chinese company that makes pretty good bikes, but is in no hurry to expand the dealer network in the global market. Probably things will change with the release of more cubature of the motorcycle.

At the current stage of the project 800-CC naked looks promising. At the right price and sufficient quality can easily compete with the Yamaha MT-09 and other nakedly on the market in this category. In addition, the logical extension of the model range on the basis of the three-cylinder 800-CC engine.

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